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The Other Side Magazine

The Other Side began in 1965 as Freedom Now addressing issues of racial injustice. The nonprofit closed in 2004. I was fortunate enough to work there from 1991- 1995 and then from 1999 to the end.

We made some beautiful issues with content too valuable to be lost on zip drives in my basement.

Posted below are PDFs of some of the issues for which I created the layout and selected the art. The authors and artists retain the copyright to their work which appeared on these pages. If you're an artist or author and object to your work being displayed in this context, let me know and I'll take it down right away.

These PDFs are from the original QuarkXpress files. Some of the fonts in the ads are gone, some ads were to be stripped in by the printer, and several of the large pieces of art are extremely low-resolution, so the issues posted here are not 100% true to the final product. (The printer used to keep the high-res files and swap out the low-res versions I used for layout-- that was before the days of having enough computer power to do it ourselves! Can you imagine?!)

All that's really left is a Facebook group,
"Friends of 300 W. Apsley."

Nov-Dec 1999 issue
Featured cover art by Betty LaDuke. Included articles by: Will O'Brien, Bill Wylie-Kellermann, Wendy Lehman, Wes Howard-Brook, Margaret McKenna, Jenell Williams Paris, Susan Adams Kauffman, Troy Chapman, Kathleen Kern, Joyce Hollyday, Beth Graham, and John Alexander. Other artists in the issue: Mary Teresa Giancoli, Janet McKenzie, Marcelo Novo, Alejandra Vernon, Pete Mueller, Mary Nash, Charlotte Riley-Webb, marie Westhaven, Mary Souza, Sandra Bierman, and me.

Jan-Feb 2000 issue
Featured cover art by Carol Aust.
Included articles by: Walter Brueggemann, Leny Mendoza Strobel, Jo Ann Van Engen, Doug Davidson, James C. Schaap, Mary F. C. Pratt, Rebecca Kiser, Jan Phillips, T. J. Dixon, River Malcolm, Daphne Burt, and John Alexander. Artists in the issue: Carol Aust, Miguel de Casenave, Glenda Dietrich, Gail Duggan, Emigdio Vasquez, Hegina Rodrigues, Daniel Nevins, Pete Mueller, and Sandy Richardson.

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